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A Unique Service:

In 1986, after a 12-year credit and management career with major commercial banks, Kerry J. Witkin, founder of The Private Banker, decided to focus his attentions on clients who want a better sense of financial organization in their daily lives.

He created a business specializing in bill-paying, budgeting, and financial record keeping for individuals, small businesses, associations, and non-profit organizations. Kerry is also a Registered Tax Return Preparer. After years of observing the diverse financial resources of his clientele, he has developed an insight into helping clients find more money to meet their needs and goals.

Clients come from many walks of life, but they have one thing in common: they want more productive use of their time and more control over their finances.

We hope you take the time to look at the information presented in this website. We work with clients throughout the United States, and with some internationally. Please contact us if you would like to discuss our services, and how they may be tailored to fit your specific circumstances.




The bonded bill-paying service is The Private Banker’s most popular offering. Built on the Quickbooks Pro accounting software, clients are relieved of the burden of tracking and recording their daily finances. We maintain permanent records so that any future research can be expedited.

Each month, in an easy-to-follow spreadsheet statement, we provide our clients with a record of bills we’ve paid along with all the detail from the original bills. Month after month, our clients can see exactly where their money is being spent. These statements help with tax returns and budgeting. All client matters are kept strictly confidential.

Other Services:

Budgeting / Financial Recordkeeping / Tax Return Preparation

Although bill-paying is our most popular service, it certainly is not our only one. We handle miscellaneous problems that arise when paying bills, such as questioning credit card charges, or dealing with creditors and vendors. We reconcile credit card statements and bank statements, and prepare and organize information for tax returns. We serve as the intermediary between lenders and our clients, helping to arrange personal and business loans. We also work with our clients’ attorneys, CPAs, and financial planners to provide information as needed.











We recognize that trusting a new service with your most personal and private financial matters involves careful research and review. We rarely work with new clients until they have done their due diligence and checked our references. Our clients’ trust is our most valuable reward. It is earned day-by-day, client-by-client. Our business grows by the referrals of clients and professionals who trust us. For a list of references, please contact us at (858) 756-3350 or at



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